1st International Workshop on Processes for Software-as-a-Medical Device (ProSaaMD)

Co-located with International Conference on Software and System Process (ICSSP) 2015

Lero ARCH ProSaaMD

August 24th 2015, Tallinn, Estonia

Theme: Software Engineering for Healthcare


Modern service systems consist of a complex processes which combine legacy, bespoke, COTS, open source, licensed, and user-developed systems to cater for rapidly changing business needs. In recent years, the healthcare industry have acknowledged the benefits of efficient service systems enjoyed within the business world and identify significant opportunity in developing new system and software processes to enhance healthcare delivery through higher quality and safer practices. This has led to the rise in software development practices in medical device and healthcare management processes. In order to overcome or avoid the potential of negative effects from software practice in the medical technology (MedTech) and healthcare sector, we must re-examine software development and compliance processes. The latest trends of developing and maintaining emerging and evolving software systems has also led to new opportunities and challenges regarding the development processes, quality management, decision support, process analytics, management and innovation of medical device software.

The Processes for Software-as-a-Medical Device (ProSaaMD) workshop is seeking papers which address state-of-the-art research and best-practice which support healthcare software innovation, process improvement and quality management in medical devices, healthcare operations and well-being.

Workshop Topics

Specific areas of interest related to healthcare software and medical device processes and regulations/standards (but not limited to):

  • Engineering Healthcare using Software-as-a-Medical Device
  • Software Processes for Medical Device and Connected Health
  • Healthcare Software Process Models
  • Continuous Process Improvement in Medical Data Device and Healthcare Quality Management
  • Healthcare Software Quality Management
  • Implementation of EU Healthcare Quality Software Standards
  • Medical Device Regulation Conformity and Intelligence
  • Approaches towards Technical and Management Processes in Healthcare Quality
  • Tension/Challenges between Healthcare Innovation and Regulation of Software Process
  • Patient Involvement in the Development of Quality Connected Health processes
  • Problems and Solutions to Measure the Impact of Connected Health interventions
  • Case studies: Software-as-a-Medical Device (SaaMD)
  • Using Software Process to Support Healthcare Connectedness
  • Modelling Healthcare Connectedness

ProSaaMD offers researchers an opportunity to present state-of-the-art research on healthcare systems. It provides a platform to discuss whether software processes must be more responsive to healthcare needs to continuously provide value in-line with growing healthcare costs. Of particular interests in ProSaaMD, participants will be the ability to examine and discuss how software regulations and standards impact on software development across the healthcare sector. From a business context, the ProSaaMD also invites researchers to examine the complexity of aligning healthcare systems and healthcare goals and processes and offers participants an opportunity to discuss state-of-the art techniques to model healthcare complexity.